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GLSEN leads the way again….


In the U.S. today, GLSEN launched the Safe Space Kit to counter homophobic bullying in schools. It costs $20 per school. I love the fact that their slogan is so simple “Every student deserves a safe space”. So what are we doing in the U.K.? At the moment the Conservative Government is formulating policy. How about a little action please? How much more policy do we need? Teachers have guidance, governors have guidance, local authorities have guidance. We have the evidence base, we even have the interventions. We don’t need more policy, we need action.

If every headteacher told universities with initial teacher trainees that they would only accept them on placement if the trainees were equipped with the skills and resources to tackle bullying, including homophobic bullying, we would produce over 35,000 new teachers able to combat bullying annually.

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