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Research from Education at Brunel University, London


Examples of some of the research I have been doing at Brunel University on the following issues:

Briefing Note 1: Bystanders

This short briefing note focuses on research I have conducted with colleagues in the U.K. and U.S. on bystander behaviour among secondary school students.

Briefing Note 2: Homophobic Bullying

This briefing note details the findings from two studies I conducted with Nathalie Noret on bullying behaviour, and the prevalence of homophobic bullying among secondary school students between 2003 and 2006.

Briefing Note 3: Cyberbullying

The third briefing note, focuses on the issue of cyberbullying and the data Nathalie Noret and I collated on text and e-mail bullying across five years.

Briefing Note 4: Why Do Kids Bully Others?

This briefing note arises out of a study conducted with 185 self-identified ‘bullies’ who answered questions about why they bullied other children and young people.

Briefing Note 5: Kids of Same-Sex Couples

This final note from the first series of briefings focuses on a group of 18 young people who were raised by same-sex couples (women) and how they compare in terms of psychological functioning and social support to a matched group of 18 young people raised be opposite-sex couples.

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