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NUS Launches Report on LGBT Students in British Universities


NUS ReportOn the 12th May, 2014, the National Union of Students published a report  detailing the experiences of over 4,000 LGBT students attending 80 universities in the UK together with smaller qualitative studies at a sample of universities. This report, which details the methodologies used in some depth, can be downloaded here.


It should be noted that LGB+ refers to those who describe themsevles as lesbian, gay, bisexual or  or another way  (e.g. queer, questioning or unsure).
Key findings (taken from executive summary):

20 per cent of LGB+, and a third of trans respondents, have experienced at least one form of bullying or harassment on campus.

Only one fifth of trans students felt completely safe on campus – less than half the proportion of their heterosexual counterparts.

51% of trans respondents have seriously considered dropping out of their course.

LGB+ students are more likely to consider dropping out than heterosexual students: 25 per cent of heterosexual have seriously considered dropping out of their course compared to 27.7 per cent of gay, 26.6 per cent of lesbian, and 30 per cent of bisexual.

56% of LGB+ respondents cited the feeling of not fitting in as the main reason for considering dropping out.

LGBT students who have experienced a form of homophobic or transphobic harassment are 2–3 times more likely to consider leaving their course.

A focus group with trans students found that the main difficulties faced on campus for trans students are the lack of gender-neutral toilets and facilities, the lack of policies to update their name and gender in the student register, issues with university security services; and the prevalence of transphobia.

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