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US Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: The Construction in Opposing Arguments


This is my one page graphic representation of the the Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex Marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges). This graphic was presented at the 2015 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association held in Toronto, Canada on August 8th.

I have taken Justice Kennedy’s idea of “loco-motion” in terms as a theme for this representation. Here the red revolving cogs represent loco-motion and the progress towards equality and liberty. The blue cogs represent the opposing views of the Supreme Court justices who lamented the lack of an evangelist on the Supreme Court, the desire that each state should have the freedom to rule on this issue, and the observation that this ruling had little personal value or interest for one justice. The spanners represent those additional opinions of the opposing justices who argued that Obergefell v. Hodges was a matter of “social policy” and one of “aggressive” intent, and that “procreation” was at the heart of meaning and importance of marriage.

I have also included some key quotes from the justices – the most concerning being that of Justice Kennedy who clearly is unaware of the myriad of challenges LGBT people have had in living and raising their children.

While the legal wrangles relating to this ruling rumble on, I believe it is important that we take note of and guard against the revisionist and dismissive language found in the opposing opinions.

US Same-Sex Marriage

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